How We Got Started

“We often say that G2 specializes in everything below the ground, so it is completely appropriate that the firm started below the ground as well, actually in my basement,” shares Noel Hargrave-Thomas.

“Noel, Mark and I started G2 in August 1994 with the goal to deliver responsive, specialized geotechnical, geoenvironmental and construction engineering services that help clients build better, build smarter and build profits,” says Bruce Wilberding.

“The firm quickly developed a core of successful clients and outgrew Noel’s basement,” adds Mark Smolinski.  “By the end of 1994, G2 moved into our first office in Livonia, hired our first employee and developed a strong core of clients. In 1997, G2 built a new headquarters in Troy, Michigan, complete with materials testing laboratories and room for the firm’s growing fleet of vehicles. We then began adding branch offices – in suburban Chicago in 2000, and Brighton, Michigan in 2006, which transitioned to Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2013.”

Smart. Results. Fast.  It’s why we started our firm back in 1994, and what continues to drive us today.”

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