Washington Township Water Storage Tank

Washington Township, Michigan

Washington Township constructed a new 100-foot diameter, 1.5 million gallon water storage tank to help meet the needs of this rapidly growing township. In addition, new asphalt driveways, a pump house, and detention basins were constructed for the $4.3 million project. The tank walls were constructed with layers of shotcrete and pre-stressed steel wire wrapped around the tank, with an overall pre-stressed steel wire wrapped length of 22.5 miles.

Fast Facts

Project Owner

Washington Township, MI


G2 Consulting assisted Giffels Webster and Washington Township during design and construction.

G2 Services Provided

Geotechnical Engineering
Special Inspections/Materials Testing

    • Unsuitable fill soils and unstable granular soils were present at the foundation bearing elevation. G2 provided undercut and subgrade stabilization recommendations to support the tank foundations.
    • Shallow perched groundwater challenged construction. G2 provided dewatering recommendations so undercuts and subgrade stabilization could be performed in dry conditions.

Smart. Results. Fast. G2’s geotechnical solutions minimized costly subgrade undercuts and kept the project on schedule.

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