Vote for G2 Photo Contest Winner!

G2 Consulting Group is out on thousands of construction sites each year performing geotechnical, environmental and construction engineering.  Much of our work is captured in photographs documenting progress and milestones.  Some of these photos are really cool!

The photos below were selected as winners for our first quarterly employee photo contest, and we are asking you to pick the “people’s choice” winner.  Please choose your favorite by January 22 – we’ll let you know who takes the prize!
Wrigley Field Construction by Ben Youra.
Providing Phase I Environmental Site Assessment adjacent to Wrigley Field during modifications to historic structure
Self Support Mat Foundation by Tim Dumala.
Providing geotechnical study, environmental services & onsite construction observation & testing for self supported communications tower
Roof Top Cell Site  by Drew Temerowski.
Providing hazardous materials survey for roof top cell site adjacent to Comerica Park
Ann Arbor Trench Footing by Mike Dagher.
Providing construction observation & testing for shallow trench footing (including bearing capacity evaluation)
Red Run Shaft by Nick Berkholz.
Providing geotechnical design of temporary earth retention system at Red Run Shaft
Ambassador Bridge Gateway Deck Placement by James Mazur.
Providing construction observation & testing for concrete placement using conveyor belt and pump trucks

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