Transformers: Dominick’s Grocery to Emagine Theatre


You know it as a movie, but G2 Consulting Group became “Transformers” when it helped convert a former Dominick’s Grocery Store into a 10-screen Emagine Theatre – the first in the state of Illinois. The fast-tracked project consisted of a 70,000 square foot slab-on-grade building that required the removal of portions of floor slab and grade cuts of up to 10 feet to construct the individual theaters. Building columns were relocated as needed and the roof beams were reinforced to carry additional loads.

Fast Facts

Project Owner
Emagine Theatre

Project Scope
G2 Consulting Group worked collaboratively with Tower Construction (GC) during all phases of the project to construct the first Emagine Theatre in Illinois.

Services Provided
Geotechnical Investigation
Environmental Engineering Services (Phase I, Asbestos Survey)
Quality Assurance / Materials Testing / Steel Inspection
Clean Construction or Demolition Debris (CCDD) Services

Challenges / Solutions
G2 Consulting Group found that existing fill soils were present below the floor slab and allowed for new foundations to wear on existing soils provided they were observed and properly documented during construction.

The project moved at a very fast pace and G2 was available to cover inspections on short notice – sometimes within two hours of being called. This allowed the project to move forward without delays.

How did we accomplish “Smart. Results. Fast”?

Soil borings within the interior of existing buildings can be challenging due to height and width restrictions of drilling equipment. G2 used its contacts with local drillers to determine the best equipment to allow for access and drilling within the building and work was completed in two days. G2 also coordinated environmental surveys at the same time as drilling to minimize delays to the project and minimize interruptions to the building.

G2 fast-tracked CCDD testing on short notice to allow for offsite disposal of soils and allow the contractor to stay on schedule with soil removal. There was no place to stockpile soils and any delays with soil removal would have hindered the project timeline.


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