The Courtyards

Ann Arbor, Michigan



The Courtyards is a student housing development near the University of Michigan campus with three, four-story buildings including a two-story underground parking structure. The overall property is long and narrow, which provided limited construction access and difficult construction staging. G2 designed an earth retention system to allow construction traffic to continue while the below grade portions of the development were underway.

Fast Facts


Student housing development

G2 Services Provided

Geotechnical Engineering
Temporary Earth Retention Design
Construction Engineering


  • Poor soils were encountered in the north half of the north building footprint, while the soils under the south half of the north building were compact.
  • G2 recommended a foundation design incorporating two different soil bearing capacities, utilizing shallow foundations where suitable bearing soils were encountered and extending foundations deeper where poor soils were encountered.
  • The overall property is a long, narrow site with limited property access from the north and south, and construction traffic access along the west property line – resulting in difficult construction staging.
  • G2 provided an earth retention system design along the west and north sides of the underground parking structure excavation to allow construction traffic to continue while constructing the below grade portions of the development.

Smart. Results. Fast. G2 minimized costs by customizing the foundation design to address varying soils conditions, and expedited the project schedule by designing a retention system to eliminate construction access constraints.

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