Telecommunication Sites In U.S. and Canada


“Can you hear me now?” “That’s powerful.”  For more than two decades, G2 Consulting Group has helped North America stay connected.  G2 engineers are registered in 30+ states and Canada. We perform geotechnical and tower foundation investigations for numerous companies on telecommunication sites. Oftentimes these sites are located in remote areas which require a significant amount of planning prior to site visits to ensure work is completed as efficiently as possible since return trips to sites would be cost prohibitive. G2 uses an extensive network of drillers and excavators across the country to complete such projects on time and on budget.

Fast Facts

Project Owner
Several major telecommunication companies

Project Scope
Geotechnical Investigation
Tower Foundation Investigation

Services Provided
Geotechnical Investigation
Tower Foundation Investigation


G2 Consulting Group often performs geotechnical and tower foundation investigations for telecommunication sites at remote locations. These sites require efficient use of time and resources to keep projects within schedule and on budget.

Telecommunication companies are under increased pressures to provide quality cellular services to their customers quickly, whenever and wherever. G2’s expertise provides solutions to each situation at each site. Our vast network of drillers enables us to schedule field operations anywhere in the U.S. We know which methods to use and the proper equipment needed to map foundations accurately and avoid delays.

Smart. Results.Fast.G2 meets tight schedules for our telecommunications clients. We use our vast network of drillers to schedule field operations and expedite projects. We plan, evaluate, and act knowing which methods and equipment to use to avoid delays.


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