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Macomb Correctional Facility – Pavement Rehabilitation Project

Pavement engineering

The Macomb County Correctional Facility rehabilitated its pavement to improve parking lots and walking paths.

New Haven, Michigan

When the Macomb County Correctional Facility required new driveways, roadways, sidewalks, a walking track, and basketball courts, G2 Consulting Group acquired the necessary background clearances for staff and provided geotechnical investigation services, and special inspections / materials testing services within the correctional facility.

Fast Facts

Project Scope
G2 performed a geotechnical investigation for earthwork operations, foundation design, and construction considerations and performed special inspections and materials testing services during construction.

G2 professionals explored the site during the geotechnical investigation for a complete pavement repair program. This included pavement recommendations and construction considerations related to roadway and driveway access and service equipment.

Within the correctional facility, G2 performed special inspections / materials testing scope of services that included evaluating earthwork operations, utility installation, flatwork, and site concrete, and bituminous paving. 

Services Provided
Geotechnical Investigation
Special Inspections and Materials Testing


G2 Consulting Group evaluated the existing conditions and provided solutions that allowed for work within a highly regulated correctional facility. The pavement repair strategy needed to work around the confines of correctional facility rules and regulations and also work within an expedited timeline. G2 worked with Anderson, Eckstein, and Westrick, LLC, to create a removal pl

an that allowed for efficient, expedited removal of materials without disrupting the operations of the correctional facility. 

Smart. Results. Fast.

G2 Consulting Group provided cost-effective solutions to keep the project moving forward during a tight construction schedule.


Huron Academy expands operations in Macomb County

Huron Academy, a tuition-free public charter school for 3rd through 7th grade students, expanded its operations in 2015 by purchasing a 19-acre parcel along Utica Road in Clinton Township.

Fun Facts


The new, $8.4 million, 32,000 square foot, single-story building features 22 classrooms, computer labs; a gymnasium; special spaces for music and art; a science lab; and a state-of-the-art media center. The site was once home to Bishop Gallagher’s athletic fields. Some of the existing athletic fields are preserved for use today.

G2 Services Provided:  G2 Consulting Group worked with Partners in Architecture of Mt. Clemens and provided geotechnical engineering services. G2 also provided special inspections and materials testing services for general contractor Cunningham-Limp Company of Novi.

In addition to special inspections and materials testing, G2 evaluated earthwork operation and utility backfill, foundation construction, masonry evaluation, structural steel evaluation, and interior floor slab and site concrete evaluation.

Challenges / Solutions

G2 Consulting is used to working on tight construction schedules, especially knowing that the school bell will ring for new students in the fall. G2 overcame several challenges with the site which included building pad earthwork with high moisture clay soils that occurred in October and challenging subgrade conditions in the Spring for support of floor slabs and pavements.

Smart. Results. Fast.

G2 Consulting Group provided cost-effective solutions to keep the project moving forward during a tight construction schedule and ensured that school began on time.


Unique Shaft System Facilitates Rehab of Interceptor

Jason Stoops, P.E Ann Arbor Office Manager

Nicholas A. Berkholz, EIT
Project Engineer

The Oakland-Macomb Interceptor Drain (OMID) is a 50-year-old concrete system bordering Oakland and Macomb Counties in southeast Michigan. Authorities targeted more than seven miles of this large diameter interceptor sewer – 40 feet below a busy county road (M 59) – as a priority for evaluation and repair to avoid catastrophic failure.  This project is part of a $160 million effort that has been under construction since 2009.  Given the unique opportunity the project afforded to have access to this critical trunk sewer, the owner’s objective was to perform as many repairs possible.

Lanzo Trenchless Technologies was selected to  provide multiple rehabilitation services, including  high volume sewage control management, cementitious grout in place liners, fully deteriorated model CIPP, large bore spot repairs, cementitious grouting of voids, access manhole restoration, localized crack/failure repairs using chemical grout and CCTV.  Challenges included working in and around flow that could not be disrupted during the construction process.  Work was difficult and dangerous, and required extreme care in safety consideration, monitoring and management.

One of the first tasks of the project was to tunnel a shaft down to the 96-inch diameter sewer crown, create access and build a platform for staging of both the chemical and cementitious grouting activities within the pipeline. Lanzo retained the services of G2 Consulting Group to design two 16-foot diameter corrugated steel liner shafts to gain access to the existing sanitary interceptor approximately 20 to 25 feet below ground surface.  To meet project requirements, G2 designed a shaft system that is uncommon for this part of Michigan.

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