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City of Livonia Street Repair Program

Handwork - Concrete

Detailed handwork takes place on the streets of Livonia, MI.

mainline paving

Workers pour concrete into forms in City of Livonia Street Repair program.

Livonia, Michigan

G2 Consulting Group, LLC, works side-by-side with Anderson, Eckstein, and Westrick, Inc., on the City of Livonia Street Repair program. This is part of a 10-year renewal millage approved in 2012. The Department of Public Works evaluates the condition of the City’s roads based on a PASER rating and divides the work into three categories: reconstruction, rehabilitation, or maintenance. During construction season, G2 Consulting’s Construction Engineering team works on multiple streets everyday evaluating subgrade preparation, aggregate base placement, and concrete / asphalt paving operations. Each of our construction engineering technicians and staff engineers are fully qualified with appropriate certifications to perform required field and laboratory tests.

Fast Facts

Project Scope
Dozens of streets in the City of Livonia are being reconstructed, rehabilitated, or maintained under the Street Repair program. Multiple, concurrent monitoring and testing of sites occurs requiring coordination and communication among contractors, technicians, and the owner. 

Construction Observation Documentation and Testing Services:

• Provides field inspector to observe and document construction activities

• Evaluates subgrade preparation, aggregate base placement, and concrete / asphalt paving operations

• Monitors and documented the delivery of project materials

• Reviewes contractor payment submittals


G2 Consulting Group works on dozens of street projects operating concurrently every day. The challenge is to work efficiently, communicate well with owners and contractors, as well as, G2 project managers, and bring back accurate results quickly so that the project can succeed according to plans and specifications. G2 uses technology to its fullest capacity to communicate crucial data on site and at the laboratory. 

Smart. Results. Fast.

G2 Consulting Group provided cost-effective solutions,  constant communication and collaboration, and exceptional field and laboratory testing to this on-going project.


Multi-State Solar Sites

Solar Slider at Solar Site

Out in the field, drilling takes place, no matter the weather.

Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Texas, Virginia

G2 Consulting Group understands the growing importance of renewable energy in the United States and it has positioned itself to be a key player in the power and energy sector by providing geotechnical services to companies who design and construct solar sites. Typically, these projects run on very tight timelines and cover multiple states. For example, during a tight two-month period (November 2, 2018 – January 3, 2019), G2 provided geotechnical services for 12 solar power plant sites in six states (Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Texas, and Virginia).

Fast Facts

Project Scope
G2 Consulting Group performed geotechnical investigations that included soil borings, test pits, and pile loads tests. This was a multi-state, multi-project, multi-drillers operation that involved a team of 12 G2 staff members. 

• 12 solar power plant site in six states ( Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Texas, Virginia)

• Geotechnical investigation covered 6,747 acres or 10.6 miles

• 78 soil borings – 1,565 vertical feet

• 926 laboratory tests

• Thermal Resistivity

• Electrical Resistivity

• Chemical Corrosion

• 34 LPile Analyses

Services Provided

Geotechnical Investigation
Laboratory Testing


Battling the elements, wildlife, and farm animals, G2 provided exceptional geotechnical services to multiple projects, over a multi-state area, using innovative solutions and a collaborative approach with multiple drillers. 

Smart. Results. Fast.

G2 Consulting Group provided cost-effective solutions to keep multiple projects moving forward to meet the tight two-month schedule.