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Amazon Distribution Center

Amazon Distribution Center

“Bird’s-Eye View” of the Amazon Distribution Center in Romulus, MI.

G2 Consulting Group, LLC, provided geotechnical design services and special inspections / materials testing for the Amazon Distribution Center in Romulus, MI. The $140 million, 850,000 sf project was completed in less than one year. G2 provided special inspections / testing services including earthwork evaluation, foundation testing, site concrete and floor slab concrete evaluation, structural steel, welds and bolted connections evaluation, and floor flatness testing. G2 staff were on site as early as 3:00 a.m. and as late as 11:00 p.m., depending on the work task. Up to four field engineers / technicians were dedicated to the project. 

Fast Facts

Project Owner
Ryan Companies

Project Scope
$140 million, 850,000 square feet project completed in less than one year.

Services Provided
Geotechnical Design
Special Inspections and Materials Testing

Interesting Facts

Total Tons of Steel: 7,890 tons

Total Square Feet of Concrete: 2,310,285 square feet interior; 520,950 square feet exterior

Miles of Wiring: 434 Miles

Linear Feet of Plumbing (fire sprinkler, water cooler lines, etc.): 31,762 sprinkler heads, 66 miles of pipe

Cubic Yards of Soil “Moved” (cut and fill): 123,379 cubic yards moved onsite, 58,531 cubic yards imported.

Smart. Results. Fast. 

G2 provided real-time geotechnical support throughout design, which continued even as construction began, and delivered expedited special inspections and materials testing services.