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Conference Call: Mark Smolinski

Mark Smolinski
G2 Consulting Group

As long as the clients are pleased and the revenues and profits are good, we don’t watch the clock of our staff,” Smolinski says.

Read the conversation between G2 Consulting Group Principal Mark Smolinski and Liisa Andreassen, correspondent for The Zweig Letter. G2 Consulting was a listed as a Hot Firm (#67) by Zweig Group in 2016.



Telecom Carriers Expand Coverage with DAS • G2 Provides Environmental Due Diligence

Ben Youra Project Manager G2 Chicagoland

Ben Youra
Project Manager
G2 Chicagoland

In the last few years, wireless data traffic has increased exponentially. People are no longer only accessing the Internet at home or in the office, they are doing it wherever they are from their mobile device. Telecommunication carriers have come up with innovative ways to increase their network capacity. One solution is through the use of small cells. Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are another solution used to address the need for increased coverage and capacity of wireless networks.

DAS are typically associated with large facilities and venues that may have known peak usage (i.e., a sporting event or concert) as the systems are designed to address the potential for interference from building materials of the structure itself, as well as, simultaneous data usage from a large number of people in a concentrated area.  Thus DAS is a benefit to both the wireless carriers using the system, as well as, the venue owners in providing better service to smartphone users at these locations.
In 2016, G2 has provided environmental due diligence services in the form of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), Phase II ESAs, and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Reviews to its telecommunication clients proposing to install DAS at two venues in the greater Chicagoland area.
Our Phase I ESA for one of the projects found the site was utilized for heavy industrial purposes dating back to the 1950’s prior to the redevelopment of the parcel as a sporting venue in the early 2000’s. At least 16 underground storage tanks with two documented leaking incidents were associated with the historical industrial site within the overall property.  However, given the limited nature of the client’s proposed work below grade, we were able to tailor our scope of work for soil testing associated with the Phase II ESA to address only the areas to be impacted by the proposed telecommunications site development and to address the necessary parameters to satisfy the Illinois EPA’s Clean Construction and Demolition Debris requirements. The soil testing results were favorable and our client was able to proceed toward development of the site with no delays or extra costs incurred.

2015 Was a Great Year – 2016 Looks Even Better!

Mark Smolinski, P.E Principal/Project Consultant

Mark Smolinski, P.E
Principal/Project Consultant

After years of slow to no growth in Michigan’s construction industry, especially road building, new construction projects took center stage here at G2 in Michigan in 2015, propelling us into our fourth consecutive record year.

One of the key 2015 highlights was the June acquisition of Birmingham (MI)-based Schleede-Hampton Associates, a former competitor, which will help the combined company expand its expertise as well as reach new industries and geographies.

During 2015, G2 completed a variety of projects for MDOT, including design build work with Dan’s Excavating and Bergmann Associates on the reconstruction of the I-75-University Drive interchange in Auburn Hills. The firm partnered with Hardman Construction to design and build the earth retention walls for the new $450 million Red Wings Arena in Detroit and worked with Giffels Webster and Scannell Properties on construction of the 60 acre, 300,000-sq-ft Fed Ex distribution center in Oak Park. In October, G2 was selected by RS Engineering to become part of the team for reconstruction of the I-94/Cadillac bridge in Detroit in preparation for the massive $3 billion, 20-year I-94 reconstruction project, slated to start in 2017.

Other 2015 highlights include:

  • The company was awarded a three-year “as needed” indefinite services contract by MDOT in January.
  • In June, G2 was part of the team that won the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineering) Outstanding Civil Engineering Award for its work on the I-96 reconstruction project in Wayne County (MI) in 2014. This project also earned recognition by the Engineering Society of Detroit and CAM magazine as a signature construction project in Michigan.
  • In July, G2 was named one of the top 100 “Hot Firms” nationally by Zweig Group, a leading research, publishing and consulting firm in the AEP (Architecture, Engineering, Planning) and environmental consulting fields. The award is based on revenue growth over three years.
  • In July, G2 added two new equity partners – Mark Stapleton and Amy Schneider, both of whom had been with the firm for over a decade – to its top management team. During the year the company hired 13 new employees a 27 percent increase in staff for the year, and up more than 50 percent from just two years ago.
  • The firm completed more than 2,500 projects running the gamut from infrastructure, waste water, telecomm, health care, automotive and private sector work.

The jobs we won and the recognition we received made 2015 a very good year for G2 and positions us for an even better 2016.  Solving construction problems quickly and efficiently is our focus and we continuously reinvest in our people, our technology and our knowledge to ensure that we can meet whatever construction challenges we’re given. We look forward to successfully meeting more of those challenges and growing the business further in 2016.