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Dugway Tunnel Project

Cleveland, Ohio

Part of Cleveland’s long term plan to control sewage discharges into Lake Erie, the $179 million Dugway Storage Tunnel intercepts high water flow and directs it to proper treatment before discharge to Lake Erie. This project included the installation of a 24-foot diameter, 15,000-foot long storage tunnel at depths approaching 200 feet below ground level. Several consolidation sewers, diversion structures, and drop shafts were constructed to capture and store combined sewer overflow from the service area.

Fast Facts

Project Owner

Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District


G2 Consulting Group designed shafts ranging in configuration from circular with concrete ring beams to trapezoidal with steel bracing to facilitate construction of both tunnels and junction chambers.

G2 Services Provided

Geotechnical engineering
Geotechnical instrumentation monitoring


      • Work was performed in populated areas, and the construction approach minimized impact on this population. G2 designed remote geotechnical instrumentation to monitor construction activities, including vibration, providing the team access to this important data on a real time basis.
      • This project was on a fast-paced schedule. In cooperation with Walsh, G2 submitted plans and specifications for all 6 Phase I shafts within 30 days of Notice to Proceed.

Smart. Results. Fast. G2 completed design of 6 shafts within 30 days to meet critical project milestones.


Dugway Tunnel Project Underway in Cleveland


Mark Stapleton, P.E.
Project Manager

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District is completing a massive stormwater control project in the Cleveland area to protect Lake Erie, while meeting the needs of their growing community. G2 Consulting Group worked closely with Walsh Construction to submit plans and specifications for several shafts within 30 days of notice to proceed. Check out the video below for more project details.

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