Michigan Concrete Association – growing an industry

Dan DeGraaf, PE Executive Director/CEO Michigan Concrete Association

Michigan Concrete Association (MCA) is everything concrete in Michigan.  We represent ready mix producers, concrete pavers, cement producers and the affiliate industry.  Our annual conference is designed to help our members learn about new things and to celebrate quality projects. 

“MCA serves as point for current or state of the art technical and business issues facing all sides of the concrete industry,” shares Bruce Wilberding, Principal and lead of G2’s Construction Engineering Services.  “G2 relies on this organization for technical updates and training.”

One of the most exciting highlights from this year’s conference is the announcement  of a new program for construction work force development (click here to learn more).  This program is dedicated to attracting new people to the construction industry in Michigan, which faces a massive labor shortage on the horizon.  MCA is leading a statewide awareness and branding campaign to increase interest in construction careers and simplify the process of finding training and employment in these careers.
The conference also included training on new test procedures for concrete, information on changes in MDOT specifications, announcements on new MDOT projects and updates on ongoing mega-projects,  and discussion on the future of coal (which impacts the supply of fly ash for use in concrete production).
Finally, the conference celebrated cool projects from around the state – G2 Consulting Group was on the team of two award-winning projects: Stephens Road (NB Kelly Rd to I-94) and Beaconsfield Avenue, 9 Mile to Biscayne Ave.

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