M1 Light Rail an Enormous Undertaking

Mark Smolinski, P.E Principal/Project Consultant

Mark Smolinski, P.E
Principal/Project Consultant

After years of talk and debate, construction on the M-1 light rail line has started.  Our company, G2 Consulting Group, is working on this project. We know firsthand how incredibly complex this project is.

M-1 represents an unprecedented public and private partnership in a project that involves reconstruction in the urban core of a major American city. It involves the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Michigan Department of Transportation, state, city and local politicians, and public and private businesses, institutions and foundations.

It also presents enormous challenges associated with constructing in an old, urban setting — demolishing and rebuilding 3.3 miles of Woodward Avenue, including the overpasses that cross I-75 and I-94, construction of 20 stations in 12 locations, below-grade construction (while protecting sensitive underground utilities and sewer lines), and lots of collaborative efforts with all the businesses along Woodward that will be disrupted during construction. (Of course, they’ll also benefit from the economic catalyst the M-1 will become.)

It’s a big, tough job and we salute the team involved. Few thought it could be done here in Detroit — but isn’t that what Detroit’s all about? People who are passionate about their city and doing whatever it takes to make it better?


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