I-94 and Sargent Road Interchange Reconstruction

David Wanlass, P.E. Project Manager

David Wanlass, P.E.
Project Manager

The I-94 and Sargent Road Interchange is a key transportation route for this area – especially when Michigan International Speedway is holding a race or the University of Michigan is hosting a football game. When MDOT began considering a major reconstruction of this area, the team understood careful planning would be required to keep traffic flowing.  What was not so apparent was how subsurface conditions would increase project complexity.

The realigned segment of Sargent Road and portions of the realigned ramps (with embankments up to 24 feet high) were to be constructed through significant wetland areas with up to 6 feet of peat, muck and organic silt at the surface, underlain by up to 39 feet of loose granular soils.  Construction could not proceed without treating these soils. Click on the video below learn how this challenge was solved.

P.S. This project approach is being presented at the 2014 Ohio Transportation Engineering Conference later today.


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