Earth Retention Wall Completed for I-96 Reconstruction


Mark Stapleton, P.E.
Project Manager

The contractor recently completed the earth retention wall which was designed by G2 (shown in the video clip below) as part of the massive, $180 million I-96 Reconstruction Project. This reconstruction spans a seven mile stretch from Newburgh to Telegraph and includes redevelopment of 37 bridges, overpasses and their respective on/off ramps.  The project is to be completed in 180 days (October 2014) – one of the most compressed timelines ever accomplished for a project of its scope.

Running beneath I-96 is a network of civic infrastructure, most notably a critical, 48 inch diameter Detroit Water and Sewerage Department water supply pipeline that could not be compromised. We were able to engineer an earth retention wall that safeguarded this and other assets during the excavation process, maximizing support of the pipeline while minimizing construction materials, which reduced cost and minimized the required construction time.

(Double click on image below to see on full screen)

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