Beacon Square Senior Living Center

Orion Township, Michigan

Pomeroy Living finished construction of Beacon Square Senior Living Center in Orion Township, Michigan, in 2017. Beacon Square Orion is a senior living community that houses 161 residents and provides independent living, assisted living and memory care residences. The new facility is designed with the latest in senior standards in resident care, life enrichment and wellness services for all generations and living situations. KIRCO MANIX is the general contractor.

Fast Facts

Project Owner

Pomeroy Senior Living


G2 Consulting Group performed a geotechnical investigation for earthwork operations, foundation design, and construction considerations and performed special inspections and materials testing services during construction.

G2 professionals explored the site during the geotechnical investigation to determine and evaluate general subsurface conditions and developed related foundation recommendations for support of the proposed structure. This included pavement recommendations and construction considerations related to its development.

G2’s special inspections / materials testing scope of services included evaluating earthwork operations, utility installation, retaining wall installation observation, foundation inspection and concrete inspection for foundations, flatwork, and site concrete, performing structural steel evaluation, masonry inspection, and bituminous paving.

G2 Services Provided

Geotechnical Investigation

Special Inspections and Materials Testing

Challenges / Solutions

This three-story, slab-on-grade building has a 69,585 square-foot footprint. It required significant earthwork and grade balancing across the site. Engineered fill was placed within the building pad and parking lot areas. In addition, there were pockets of organic soils that were removed and replaced with engineered fill prior to construction.

How did we accomplish “Smart. Results. Fast”?

G2 Consulting Group provided cost-effective solutions to keep the project moving forward during a tight construction schedule.


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