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G2 Chicagoland Recommends CCDD Services

Ben Youra Project Manager G2 Chicagoland

Ben Youra
Project Manager
G2 Chicagoland

Efficient Process Saves Time and Reduces Costs

Addressing soil characterization during the Geotechnical Investigation phase saves our clients time and money by certifying the soils during the early stages of the planning process. G2 recommends Clean Construction and Demolition Debris (CCDD) services to minimize additional expenses. CCDD is defined by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as ”uncontaminated broken concrete without protruding metal bars, bricks, rock, stone, reclaimed asphalt, and soil generated from construction and demolition activities.”

Disposal of soils that cannot be utilized on site during grading is significantly less expensive at a clean fill facility. Analyzing soil and having certification forms in place early in the project stage helps remove potential delays and unplanned costs. Once site development begins, potential costs arise from stockpiling soils on site while waiting for lab results. These soils may then need to be disposed of at a regulated landfill.  Further, owners can utilize this information to obtain favorable pricing from contractors when their projects bid.

G2 Consulting Group reviews available environmental reports, as well as readily available information within the Illinois EPA’s databases to determine if there are significant environmental issues associated with the subject property or immediate adjoining properties.  Based on our review, we determine an appropriate number of soil samples and locations, as well as a scope for analytical testing parameters.

Soil samples are obtained during drilling operations performed in conjunction with our Geotechnical Investigation using proper environmental sampling protocol. Soil at the project site is visually assessed and screened in the field using a photo ionization detector (PID). Soil samples are selected for analytical testing based on visual observations, PID screenings, or using other pertinent data from our review.  Representative samples are selected and submitted to an accredited laboratory for analysis and comparison with the Illinois EPA’s “Maximum Allowable Concentrations of Chemical Constituents in Uncontaminated Soil Used as Fill Material”.  This analysis is used to determine if soils at the site meet the Illinois EPA’s criteria for disposal at a CCDD facility. Provided the material is determined to be non-impacted, a licensed Professional Engineer completes the Illinois EPA Form LPC-663 certifying that the soils are non-impacted.  It should be noted that final acceptance of the material is up to the individual landfill facility.

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G2 Consulting Group’s Chicagoland office performs soil testing in conjunction with Geotechnical Investigations saving time and reducing costs.







G2 Consulting Group is a 2016 “Hot Firm” Says Zweig Group


For the second year in a row, G2 Consulting Group, a leader in geotechnical, environmental and construction engineering services, was named one of the top 100 “Hot Firms” out of a national industry of 100,000 companies in the A/E/P (Architecture/Engineering/Planning) and environmental consulting industry. The recognition is based on percentage and actual dollar of revenue growth over a three-year period and is made by Zweig Group, the leading research, publishing and consulting resource for AEP and environmental consulting firms.

G2 Consulting experienced business growth of 20%, 50% and 21% respectively for the years 2013-2015. During that period, the company’s employment grew from 30 to 76 at its three locations in Troy, Ann Arbor, and Chicago.

Over the past several years the company has completed a variety of major projects in its home state of Michigan as well as 30+ other states. Recent projects include complex work on earth retention systems for Detroit’s new $650 million Red Wings arena district.

“We’re thrilled to be named to the Zweig Group Hot Firm Top 100 list,” said Mark Smolinski, principal of G2 Consulting Group. “To be in the top 100 for a second consecutive year is an incredible accomplishment for our team.”

This year’s conference will be held on September 22-23 at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, Arizona. The event will feature speakers and education sessions as well as a black tie awards banquet that will celebrate the most successful firms in the A/E/P industry.